Wisconsin Forestry Facts

Did you know…….

  • Wisconsin forests are growing 1.5 times more timber than is being harvested each year
  • Of Wisconsin’s 35 million acres, about 16 million acres are forested and currently cover 46% of the total land area of the state
  • Wisconsin state owns just about 5% of the forests with the federal government owning about 10% of Wisconsin’s forests
  • Each year, on average, sawtimber volume increases by 1.68 billion board feet
  • Wisconsin private forest ownership accounts for 16.2 million acres, representing approx. 57% of Wisconsin’s total forests… these private parcels are generally less than 100 acres
  • Most Wisconsin private forests produce one half or less than their potential
  • Between 1984 and 1997 the number of private landowners increased by 20%
  • Wisconsin timber products include Christmas trees, logs for lumber, pulpwood for the paper industry and raw materials for post, piling and the home building industry
  • Wisconsin forests themselves are very diverse, including many different timber species. Over 657 vertebrates and over 1,800 native vascular plants are found in the state

For more Wisconsin forestry information call:
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources