Pinus Resinosa, commonly known as Red (Norway) Pine is the only softwood species naturally found in the northern Great Lakes region that readily accepts CCA treatment. Red Pine trees are evergreen trees characterized by tall, straight growth. When growing under natural conditions, the red pine reaches a height of 90 to 100 feet and a diameter of 30 to 40 inches, with a tall, straight, clean trunk and an open, rounded picturesque crown. The tree gets its name from the bright orange-colored or reddish bark, which divides into large plates as the tree matures.

Biewer specializes in Red Pine because of its restricted wane with small, tight knots and it is graded for optimum appearance. The strength properties of Red Pine lend themselves well for use in construction applications, such as girders, beams, joists, studs and trusses. Red Pine is 30% less dense than yellow pine, which makes it naturally easier to use for framing and other applications. Red Pine also remains lighter after treatment, which helps to minimize freight cost.