Biewer’s processing facilities include three state-of-the-art treatment plants that process and treat a capacity of 300 million board feet annually.

Lansing, Michigan – Biewer of Lansing, treatment and distribution center began production in 2000. Biewer of Lansing LLC is the largest pressure-treated lumber facility in the Midwest. Two 90-foot cylinders, both utilizing a completely mechanized handling system, process all retention levels of Everguard , as well as Dricon® fire-retardant treated wood and Permanent Wood Foundation wood. Many products are kiln-dried after treatment and stored in the 185,000 square feet of dry inside storage.

Seneca, Illnois – Located just west of Chicago, John A. Biewer Co. of Illinois is the largest producer in the United States of Dricon FRT wood. Our production facility operates two 80-foot cylinders and two direct fired natural gas dry kilns. The facility also produces Everguard pressure-treated lumber.

Prentice, Wisconsin – John A. Biewer Co. of Wisconsin is adjacent to the Biewer Wisconsin sawmill. The facility produces Everguard pressure-treated lumber and plywood for distribution throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.