Biewer has five sawmills. We have four right in the heart of Red Pine country—two Michigan mills and two in Wisconsin. These sawmills are fully automated, modern, high-tech facilities, vertically integrated to provide the highest-quality building products for our customers. 

The midwest Sawmills are considered to be the largest-volume, random-length mills in the Midwest. We have the capacity to produce more than 300 million board feet of dimensional lumber and timber annually.
A new state-of-the-art sawmill was recently constructed to allow Biewer to expand mill production in the south. Located in Newton, MS, the area is abundant with fiber supply and strong support from both the local and state government.

Biewer Sawmill Facts

  • NEW - State-of-the-art SYP Sawmill - Netwon, MS
  • 4 Midwest Based Sawmills
  • Producing 500+ MMBF Annually
  • Majority of Timber is Plantation
  • 80-100 Year Log Rotation (North)
  • 30-40 Year Log Rotation (South)
  • 3rd Generation, Family Owned and Operated

A sawmill’s basic operation is much like it was a hundred years ago: A log enters on one end, and dimensional lumber exits on the other end. However, the process today is much more sophisticated. Now, after a log enters the mill it is de-barked and bucked to length and then it is scanned. A computer then determines the best yield for that particular piece of timber, be it dimensional lumber, timbers or both.

Biewer encourages environmentally responsible sustainable forestry practices and employs several foresters at each mill to manage timber procurement. Read about our commitment to the environment in Why We Are Green.

Did You Know…

We have rail sidings at our McBain, MI, Prentice, WI and Newton, MS sawmills!





When I was running that 2×6 I thought I was back in my early days of being in the lumber business 20 years ago. And it wasn’t even #1, it was just #2. I work in the reman side and that product just goes through the saws so smooth, it’s perfect.
– Philip, Taylor Made