Permanent Wood Foundation



The Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) is a strong, engineered foundation system using modern pressure-treated wood products for below ground structures. PWFs are environmentally friendly and safe to use. Compared to poured-in-place concrete, concrete block or other conventional foundations, PWFs offer many benefits and have been used in over 300,000 housing projects to date all over North America.

A PWF is an engineered foundation construction system made with pressure-treated plywood and lumber. The load-bearing, lumber-framed foundation wall is sheathed with plywood. PWF walls are designed to resist and distribute earth, wind, seismic loads and stresses that may crack other foundation materials.

For consumer safety information about CCA pressure-treated wood, click here.

PWF Meets Code

PWFs are safe and accepted residential structures, approved by the national model building codes, including:

  • BOCA's National Code (chapter 18, section 1808.3)
  • SBCCI's Standard Code (chapter 18, section 1804.8)
  • ICBO's Uniform Code (chapter 18, sections 1810-1814)

CABO's One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code (chapter 4, sections 402-405)

PWF Benefits

  • Provides warm, comfortable below grade living space
  • Lower energy costs
  • Easy to finish
  • Added usable square footage
  • Year-around construction