Program Elements

Forest Management Plan Development

Our Biewer Tree Farm Forester will work together as a partner with you, the landowner to listen to your concerns about your goals and objectives. Then if needed we will write a management plan for your forest, keeping your goals as the target of the plan and recommend management techniques available to maximize your desired end results.

The management plan is the foundation for future decisions regarding the plantation and is to be used as a flexible guideline. Of course, the landowner may change the objectives at any time and the plan will be adjusted accordingly.

This forest management plan can and will be used when applying for federal and state cost share monies or for the application into the state tax program.

Forest Management Plan

  • A description of timber stand management, both for red pine and any other species which may be present.
  • A forest cover type map and/or an aerial photograph.
  • An inventory of present conditions, this inventory will include such items as: age, volume/acre, site index, basal area, and total acreage
  • Growth and yield projections using current stand information
  • A management prescription describing future thinnings and harvests, this will also include stocking charts (present and target densities)
  • A summary of current stand conditions, this summary will indicate current stand health and vigor and will address any current insect and disease problems

Periodic Inspections

Since the management plan is written to be flexible and to accommodate both the landowner and nature, it is important that we revisit and inspect the timber stand at periodic intervals, at no cost to the landowner. At your request, we will also be available to address any immediate concerns such as fire, wind, insect, or disease problems.

Landowner Organizations & Associations

The number of landowners actively managing their forests is growing every year. By becoming involved in landowner organizations and associations, you can receive help and assist others in their land management.

Timber Sale Preparation & Marketing

As a result of your timber management, you will grow marketable forest products which need to be harvested. Your Biewer Tree Farm Forester will assist you in the proper marking of your timber. Once the evaluation timber is complete, a recommendation will be made concerning your available markets.

Right of First Refusal on Timber Harvests

In exchange for providing the services outlined above, if the timber to be harvested is of the type and size which we can utilize, Biewer Lumber asks for the opportunity to offer a purchase price for the stumpage to be harvested. In the event that the landowner receives additional offers to purchase their timber, we reserve the right to make a final bid to match or exceed those offers.