Looking for cedar fencing? Biewer has something better!  Introducing MicroShades®  a new, advanced colorant featuring the industry’s first two year fade warranty.    

State-of-the-Art Wood Appearance

microimgMicroShades® is the only pigmented colorant system that can be used as an “in-solution” system specifically developed for wood treated with the EverGuard preservative. This red-brown colorant system ensures consistent coloring and better penetration than stains.

It offers better fade resistance as compared to dyes and it enhances the natural characteristics of wood.  MicroShades®  Select Cut Fencing is a great way to add not only privacy to your property, but beauty as well.




MicroShades® Panel Options

  • Sunburst Privacy
  • Dog-Ear Privacy
  • Treated Shadowbox
  • Euro Top Privacy

MicroShades® Features

  • More fade resistant compared to dyes
  • More consistent coloring and better penetration than staining
  • Natural wood characteristics are still visible
  • 2-year color warranty

MicroShades® Dimensions

  • Panel Sizes 6' x 8' - Actual Size 71-1/2 in. x 96-1/2 in.
  • Gate Sizes 6' x 45 in. - Actual Size 71-1/2 in. x 45 in.

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