Michigan Forestry Facts

Did you know……..

  • Michigan forests are growing 2.5 times more timber than is being harvested each year
  • Forests are a major feature in Michigan’s landscape, covering more than 52% of the state
  • Michigan public forest ownership includes 3 national forests and boasts the nation’s largest state forest system which accounts for 6.5 million acres
  • Michigan industry forest ownership is over 2 million acres
  • Michigan private forest ownership accounts for 10.5 million acres, representing approx. 55% of Michigan’s total forests… these private parcels are generally less than 100 acres
  • Most Michigan private forests produce one half or less than their potential
  • 19 million acres of forest land contribute directly to Michigan’s economy through timber production which is marketed through the forest products industry
  • Michigan timber products include Christmas trees, logs for lumber, pulpwood for the paper industry, and raw materials for post, piling and the home building industry.

For more Michigan forestry information call:
Michigan Forest Resource Alliance