Biewer Lumber, LLC., offers the highest of quality building materials in a variety of species and treatments. Our dedication to deliver the best products and services to our customers allows us to be the top choice in lumber for professionals.

As one of the largest lumber manufactures in the Midwest, we understand how important the right materials are to building it right and to code the first time around. We carry a complete line of standard lumber and industrial grade lumber. Most of this lumber is used for general construction purposes or for its rustic decorative appearance.


Lumber Species

Red Pine:
This softwood species is mainly used in utility poles, posts, and construction lumber. It is easy to work with and when treated with preservatives, is commonly used in exterior applications.

Southern Yellow Pine:
SYP is one of the strongest species of wood and an ideal choice for being used in building products.

Lumber labeled as SPF-s could contain a combination of Spruces, Pines, and Firs. The -s represents the higher volume of Spruce than any other species.


“Biewer provides quality products, a high level of service, and their pricing is competitive.
– Bob M., Gutherie Lumber