When we say “From Forest to Framework” we mean it. Biewer administers a program that supports private tree farmers in the long-term management of woodlands, both for the continuing growth of forest crops for commercial purposes and to preserve environmental benefits.

The voluntary program, designed specifically for pine forests, provides free sustainable-forest management assistance and technical forestry services to landowners to ensure timber yield for generations to come. We are very proud of our relationships with our tree farm families.

Biewer also buys tree-length and random-length logs, 8-foot bolts and utility poles in red pine. We purchase jack pine, white pine and spruce bolts seasonally. We also offer competitive prices for stumpage and logs as well as payment for delivered logs and bolts.

Our Michigan mill accepts wood from lower Michigan and the eastern part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; our Wisconsin mill accepts wood from Wisconsin, Minnesota and the western part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

If you would like to learn more about Biewer’s Private Landowner Assistance Program, contact one of our Foresters at the sawmills listed below:

Prentice, Wisconsin
McBain, Michigan