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Fire Retardant Treated Wood

The use of pressure treated FRTW is required by building codes in many public facilities in order to help contain the spread of fire. For more than 30 years, builders and homeowners have chosen Biewer Lumber’s Fire Retardant Treated Wood for its proven effectiveness in slowing the spread of flames and reducing smoke in the unfortunate event of a fire. For both interior and exterior applications, Dricon® FRTW combines the flexibility and environmental advantages of wood with reliable fire protection.

FRTW Advantages

Using Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW) is used to prevent fire spread and reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage.  FRTW is specifically used to meet codes designed to increase safety in public buildings. Dricon® Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) wood has an unmatched record of protection against flame spread, smoke development, rot and decay.

FRTW Benefits

  • Reduce sprinkler requirements
  • Keep fire contained
  • Reduce and/or slow spread of flame and smoke
  • Protect valuable contents of building

Dricon Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW)

Dricon FRTW:

Dricon FRT wood is treated lumber and plywood that is pressure-impregnated with a chemical treatment to reduce the spread of flames and smoke development as well as to prevent termite and decay damage.

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