Family of Companies




Since the beginning of John A. Biewer Co., Inc., over 50 years ago, one simple principle has served Biewer well:

“Deliver the best products and services to our customers”

This is a commitment that has kept our business growing, and a philosophy we intend to keep.

Biewer is a third generation, family owned group of companies that is committed to the environment and sound forest practices. We take pride in our family of employees and we make it our goal to operate the safest and most effective facilities.

Biewer’s family of companies include:

John A. Biewer Company, Inc.
Biewer Lumber, LLC
Biewer of Lansing, LLC
John A. Biewer Company of Illinois
John A. Biewer Company of Wisconsin
Biewer Sawmill Inc.
Biewer Wisconsin Sawmill, Inc.
Biewer Sawmill – Lake City, LLC
Biewer Logistics, LLC

Our products are of the highest quality for use in appearance and traditional construction markets. We are committed to upgrading equipment and operating systems in our facilities to be responsive to new market trends and the growing needs of our customers.  At Biewer, we’ve worked hard to earn the respect of our customers and we’re dedicated to keeping it.

Biewer’s Beginnings

Not many know this, but the Biewer family was not always in the lumber business.   The family, originally from Germany, made a living as a brewmeister.   Prohibition eventually shut down the Biewer beer business, leaving the family looking for other opportunities. Located in close proximity to the St. Clair River, the family opened a fishing boat livery as well as a bait and tackle Shop. It wasn’t until one of their customers made his seasonal payment to Biewer in the form of logs, that they entered in the sawmill business. With the use of mobile sawmilling equipment – the Biewer’s had found their niche.  The rest is history.

The business thrived and has continued to grow over the years. The family of companies includes 5 state-of-the-art sawmills, 3 treating plants, and a full service logistics company.